Monday, December 2, 2013

Scenes from Lake Taupo Challenge 2013

Lew displaying impeccable taste in the selection of race apparel

I don't know who this guy is....but I love the old Aqua & Sapone kit

The race started in 9 groups from 7am, with each group split into about ten subgroups
 at 3 minute intervals. 9000 riders, with about 300 'internationals' ie Aussies.

Green and lush everywhere.

Lew attempts an early breakaway. Doomed.

Lake Taupo from the hotel the day before the event.

Warm up ride the day prior over the last 25kms

Surf's getting up on Lake Taupo. Windy as Bro.

Lew seemed quite surprised to find that ducks have no hesitation in shitting on the carpet.

Having you first name and home base on the race number was a great idea.
Riders knew straight away to give you an extra meter.

Lew rehydrates after the finishline.
Beats the hell out of being given a banana.

A country race meet feel at the start/finish area.

No trip to NZ is complete without a stop on the way back at the
 thermal springs and bubbling mud of Rotorua.  
A fantastic weekend.

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