Tuesday, November 26, 2013

TdL to be renamed POLICE

Phew...Memo to Lew: there's no need to wear flouro kit.

A survey was completed of 269 participants using bikes with ultrasonic devices fitted to measure the distance at which motorists overtook them while they wore a variety of different cycling kit. This included a typical sporting rider's Lycra, a casual rider's normal clothing, and several different commercially available hi-viz vests.

The researchers found that the only kit that made a significant difference to the average passing distance was a hi-viz vest marked with the word ‘POLICE' and a notice advising drivers that the rider was videoing their ride. This increased the average passing distance from 117cm to 122cm.
Contrary to the researchers' expectations, there was no marked difference between ‘experienced rider' kit, and a vest marked ‘Novice Cyclist', nor between ordinary clothes and hi-viz kit.

Irrespective of any of the kit worn, 1-2% of overtakes were within 50cm, suggesting that nothing a rider wears makes any significant difference to the incidence of very close passes.
The researchers suggest that improvements to infrastructure are a more effective means of improving rider safety than changing clothing habits.

Read more at http://www.cyclingweekly.co.uk/news/latest/541390/study-finds-hi-viz-clothing-has-no-effect-on-driver-passing-distances.html#C1P7DbYLyLxZJcBX.99

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