Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day Reflection

There is nothing quite as un-motivating as waking up at 1am to the heaviest rain you have heard, roaring winds, and knowing that in 4.5 hours, you are due to clamber out of bed, and set off down the road on your bicycle. 

And then you put on your shoes. And they are soaking wet. To the point that little rivers pour from the holes. At this point, despite your friends insistence that it is sunny at her house, 2km away, the grumbling, muttering doubts of your sanity shunt any enthusiasm well out of your thoughts.

Clipping in, a fine drizzle of melancholy falling from the skies. Down the road, water still seeping from your shoes, mocking you with their squelching noises. And then a glimpse of blue, and then another. The drizzle begins to fade. Up the hill. The drizzle stops. Two silhouettes waiting at the top of the hill. Roll off together. The sun is out. The road is magically dry. The wind is encouraging from behind. The clouds kindly divert their path.

Happy times. Riding with friends fixes everything. Even the weather.

From: http://bleublancroue.blogspot.com.au    Thanks Emma.

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