Monday, February 13, 2012

Ride report from Lew on the Ballarat Classic over the weekend:

Our group at the start was  a veritable 'who's who' of cycling, GORC's
represented by Hyphen, Tassie, your correspondent, the Ballarat boys out
in force, Doll, Crusty, Robbie Herrmann, Chris, Murray, George, the Lad,
Sparky amongst others, and Steve Hicks representing Tour de Lygon.

How did the race go?

Well after 15 mins I didn't see any of the above all day, except briefly
at the top of Bunny where they regrouped and had several lattes whilst
waiting for me, after that, all over red rover.

This is a great event, two good climbs, it includes the Australian Road
Race course, great scenery, fantastic marshalling and it's not too long,
100 kms. I can recommend it to anyone, beats up and down Beach Road,
bugger all traffic, lots of trees, cows (and cow shit) to give it a
rural atmosphere.

Weather was iffy, rained a bit, windy a bit, but you have to expect that
in a Victorian summer, bit cooler than the 42C at the Alpine two weeks ago.
Great to catch up with all the above after the event, and even went out
to lunch at the Ballarat boy's local club house
What's not to like?

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