Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wool rules

Q: So Anthony how do you always look so good on the bike?

A: Well it's not easy. I often try and position myself near Steve and I find that the comparison helps a lot. The other important element is the right jersey. Whether I'm on the bike or walking up a hill, the right jersey just sets the scene for looking my best.

Q: So how would you describe the right jersey?

A: For me there is only one choice in that matter. It must be wool, fit just right and preferably with some historical significance. As a devotee of eBay I am price sensitive so that is also a consideration.

Q: So where do you shop to achieve all this?

A: For me it's

Q: Thank you Anthony.

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Cyclo_advo said...

My facial expression says all you need to know about the veracity and reliability of the above comments ascribed to my personage. You'll be hearing from my attorney naturally......Antonio di Lygon