Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Why do I ride?

Why do I ride you might hear me ask

To keep myself fit? No, don’t be so daft.


Why do I ride? Is it the company of pals?

The coffee? the chit chat? the bullshit et al?


No my friend it’s not mountains or valleys

It’s not broad sweeping views or cobblestoned alleys

No my friend it’s not Pinarello or Bianchi Pista

Nor the joy of the road, it’s the rule fashionista


And who, you may ask, is our fashion-ist master

Whom we awkwardly strive to emulate after?

Is it Coco Chanel or Amani we trust?

Is it Rapha or Jaggad, Volero and such?

No none of them, sorry – sorry and fuck it

Our fashion guru is our own Lewis John Targett

Thanks to Howard...poet on wheels

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