Monday, July 13, 2015

Day Two & Three: Lucca

This is the highest point of today's ride. Passo della Croce Arcana. 
Jim had snuck in about 8 kms of gravel road (strada bianche) across the top.

The road to this climb covered some picture postcard scenery

A VERY happy Sandro reaches the top...

A very tricky descent was happily casualty free.
We might all bring cycle cross bikes next time.

After dinner and a few drinks most of us made it to Elton's little recital.
I'm happy to say his voice and band are in great working order.
However physically he makes Larry look quite svelte. 

After a big day out on Saturday a reduced field took on a recovery ride. 
One HC climb of 18kms with a finish at 18%. 
The graffiti on the road 5 km from the top, says something to the effect:
 'Now the joke is over. The ball breaker commences'

Four broken lads at the top. 


Anonymous said...

Pretty serious cyciling envy setting in here.
Enjoy, Andrew

Andy Lanskis said...

What. Day 3 and still no food shots ?