Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A few words from Mick...

Riders and Associates!
  1. Ken and I went off today on The Tuesday Ride in light rain, as we are wont to do.
We sought the Cycling High Moral Ground to the north of Ascot Vale and, after 40 minutes of extreme riding, quite ironically found it at the bottom of the descent into the Niddrie Quarry, now a fashionable bolt hole for the well heeled which can already be visualised as one day standing in a metre of flood water.
  1. It is said that one should never buy a gift for anyone that suggests they need improvement. However, one could do worse than investigate the range of “4Shaw” cycling socks currently on sale at most reputable cycling retailers. Great designs and funky colours, and furthermore, thick enough that one can eschew the use of booties on most winter mornings. Also available online, as you would expect.
  1. Another vital piece of equipment that one should investigate is the so-called ‘cafe lock’. Also known as the ‘ski lock’. Tony Dalton put me on to it. It’s a plastic covered wire attached to a small box or similar (easily fits into your pocket next to the banned substances) with a three number combination. Unravelled and used to tether two bikes together, it is a more than adequate deterrent for the opportunist bike thief when one’s valuable steed is outside a post-ride cafe – say, up the alley around the corner. The professional is the one who is prepared for what he may never have to do! Around 30 dollars at most reputable etc.

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