Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Puncture proof tyres...

From Howard....

So I just fitted my Tannus fully puncture proof, fully plastic tyre on my commuter fixie.

Fitting kind of tricky - took about 30 minutes all up. Mainly because I took lots of time to read the instructions.

Looks really scary when it arrives because you have to put plastic pins all round the inside of the tyre to affix it to the rim. And you have to measure the right size. But it was actually quite straightforward.

Then I had to get my (strong) daughter to help me manhandle the tyre into place. They give you a monster tyre lever for this purpose. Again, actually not that hard. The instructions do say "women and the elderly should not attempt"!

Once fitted looks and behaves just like a fully inflated (to 105 psi) tyre.

Went for a test ride - so far so good. Not really any different from a normal tyre except (feels like) inflated way above what I normally do.

I'll keep you posted.

This is Howard after fitting his new tyres

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