Monday, August 11, 2014



Ride Report.

G'Day All,

If riding on gravel roads ( Strada Bianche as they are called in Italy ) is your thing, this is the event for you.

However, you have to have a Steel Bike of course, as the hard core say, 'steel is real', it has to have Suicide Shifters, but you are allowed cleats.

As I was taking this more seriously I had baskets instead, more in the spirit of the event.

The only downside was that the bike weighed 14 kgs.

How did it go ??


Started at Noosa, up into the hinterlands that some of the GORC'S know well.

Because I am soft I did the 'medio' course, more than enough though, 90 kms with about half on pretty exciting gravel roads did It for me.

Lots of 18% climbs, which on a bike that weighs 14 kgs, on gravel, was a stretch. lots of riders with their foot down.

Lots of punctures also, my mate Mal Jones ( B Grade Vets) who did the full course had five !!!

Perfect training for next month's L'Eroica in Tuscany.

Can't wait !!!!



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