Saturday, June 21, 2014

Day Four: San Gimignano to Urbino

We may not be much as cyclists but we sure like dressing up.

Today was a perfect day of rolling hills from Tuscany through Umbria

Disaster struck just before lunch and Lew crashed. Very upsetting for all of us.

Nobody puts more into his cycling life than Lew, and to have it cut short so abruptly is absolutely tragic. To his credit he has been very calm and philosophical about the whole thing, but we all feel his pain.   He will fly home tomorrow and may need some surgery.

The only upside was that there was no shortage of physios, doctors or drugs when it happened.

On arrival in Urbino we were greeted by Joerg, our European patron, who had flown down from Germany to spend our first rest day with us. A fantastic surprise and great to see him looking so well.

Obligatory food shot: Last night's entree...a carnivores delight of antipasti.


Phil said...

Hi Steve, great to see Joerg looking so well. Sorry to hear about young Lew.

Stalker of rogue #2 said...

Sorry to hear about your fall Lew. Hope you are keeping your fluid intake up to help ease the pain. x