Wednesday, May 28, 2014

FYXO Melburn Roobaix..

Dear all, 

I'm planning on riding the Melburn Roobaix on Sunday June 29th and looking for riding company - I havent registered, but will ride the course ( usual MO).  

Ride is from 11am - starting point is yet to be announced (Hawthorn Velodrome in previous years - might change obviously), ends at Brunswick Velodrome - will update once I get more info. 

For newbies, you can ride any old nag - while people do it on their blingnagos , its tough on gear: the essentials are good tyres, make sure everything is bolted up tight, hang on and dont fall off. Its not a race, just a ludicrous thing to do with like-minded individuals.

Standard disclaimers about weather apply - mud/grime is OK, but actual precipitation and I wont show up.



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