Friday, March 14, 2014

The Armstrong Lie

For those of us that saw the Melbourne premiere last night today's review in Crikey is worth a look:

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Cyclo_advo said...

Lance is a cipher for the sport - if he hadn't doped, we'd be viewing the same doco about someone else. What's spectacular is how one single person could get away with it for so long and so consistently (when others were caught out years ago) - undoubtedly LA was naturally a super gifted athlete - what the film highlights is his less obvious superhuman talent - he took lying and duplicity into stratospheric (Nixon-like?) and pursued it like hell, doubling his bets at each turn. That was just as important factor in his career as any doping or natural athletic ability. And so off he sails into history as a very big bad guy (.....pursued no doubt by a lot of lawyers) and taking with him professional road cycling of the 2000-2009 two cents.