Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mt Buller Ride Report

Thanks to Lew for this account of another day at the office:

G'Day All,

The advance party for this years IL PANTANI (Robbo Senior's Ride) finds itself in Mansfield.

Mansfield is a country town in the sub-alpine area of Victoria, not unlike Lorne.

Being a sensational day we took the opportunity to ride from here to Mt Buller.

I can recommend it highly.

Nice 14 kms climb, just under a 1000M.

At the top we had a brief moment of silence for those Australians helping to keep the economy afloat.

Silver was in scintillating form and apart from a slight nervous turn on the descent, did monstrous turns at the front, enabling us to do the 49 kms from Buller back to Mansfield in 1 hr 20 mins, we thought that deserved a beer.

CULINARY REPORT: Mansfield is not blessed with Michelin starred eateries. In fact the only decent Restaurant is closed during the week, Hmmm.
We are sampling the Hotels on behalf of our fellow Cyclists. The Mansfield Hotel Bistro has excellent Beer, Frank the Pom had a Steak that on close inspection was still moving. Silver had Pasta Marinara, Frank the Pom (Who's father was a fisherman) commented that one should not order seafood, further than one hour from the coast. I had Pasta with something in it.



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