Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ride Report Bass Coast Challenge

Thanks again to Bob...the special events man who somehow seems to just appear at any time....

Lew checked out the course last year, found it suitable for general consumption so a whole bunch of us turned up this year. I was in 2 minds until I looked at the course map and saw it included a "Mt Misery". Local hottie Nick Aitken (ex Aust under 23) apparently holds the record for the 3km 6% climb at 23kph-my guess is that's about 550W for the 3 mins. I suspect the record stands. Its an excellent but testing 110k course with lots of rolling hills, in the main very good sealed back roads past dairy farms etc with very little traffic. It is a very scenic route not that I noticed much. We lucked out with great weather and no rain to speak of, bit of a head wind as we veered down to Cape Patterson but then a very welcome turn the corner and breeze assisted final 10k back to Inverloch, the main street closed off for the celebrations and palmares for the valiant riders who had ventured so far away from home turf (ok, about a 90 min drive). After the ride we visited a local establishment for refreshments and then most of the group was overnighting at the nearby ocean view RACV club. Strangely we didn't see Lew all day however a Ted Turner look alike appeared wearing just the sort of stuff Lew would have sported. I wasn't staying so left the lads arguing over who would share the double bed with honeymoon ceiling mirror-as usual. A great day out for anyone who wants to give it a bash next year. Thanks to Lew (in absentia).

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