Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Project X

An update from Anthony on Project X:

Project X takes shape, finally....... if you think it
clears the "who gives a root" threshold. 

Speaking for myself...it definitely clears the threshold. Now what about the cranks...?


Anonymous said...

So what's in Project X exactly? For those cyclo-tragico-geeks that might be out there missing sleep over this, as far as I can tell it's a Paconi (Kevin Wigham, local Aussie builder) 60cm frame made from (...probably) Columbus tubing, Columbus drop outs - freshly powder coated by Bell St Powdercoating (....great job btw) in pearl white and french blue. Frame I'm guessing is early 90's vintage. Rims are 36 hole Mavic MA40's laced to early Zues Gigante track hubs....more later. Cheers Antoine de Strada Canning

Anonymous said...

and no I cant spell Zues....its Zeus obviously.