Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Variations on a theme..

Instead of the usual (occasional?) mid week 3 Peaks training ride up an down Donna Buang a couple of times, today was a climb to the summit of Donna and descent down to Healesville, then return to

 The pluses of this ride include morning coffee and pastries at the Innocent Bystander (a HUGE plus)....and a chance to cut a couple of laps on the Healesville BMX track on the way out of town (a small plus).

The only problem with that is the 10km stretch of gravel on the Healesville side of Donna Buang. Definitely not road bike material unless you're very slow and careful.

However it is a very beautiful stretch of almost unused road. I didn't see a vehicle either on the way down or back up. A good steady 25km climb...especially on a mountain bike.

Finishing back in Warburton with a paddle in the icy waters of the upper Yarra. An excellent 80k's or so.

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