Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Marysville Lake Mountain Challenge 2012

TdL driving the train at the (start of) the Marysville Lake Mountain Challenge on last Sunday.

The man in  third wheel wearing footy shorts and white shirt is our resident maverick, the Bobster of course.

A Ride Report from the man himself:

ride:        marysville/ lake mountain challenge last weekend

course:   basically flat with a few lumps around Lake Eildon

weather: mild, often overcast, pretty ideal, bit of breeze occasionally

road:       surface excellent, marred only by heavy traffic on the hwy Taggarty-Buxton, apart from that reasonably rider friendly

difficulty: superficially a moderate-easy course yet all the tourdelygon contingent found it a fairly hard days work, don't know why

time:       we all got back around the 4 35ish mark ie ~ 26/27kph incl. stops

climb?:    no thanks, I repaired to the refreshments marquee (all the world's beers on tap -no wait, I was delirious) whilst some of the others had a crack at the first part of the climb

summary: good work out 2 weeks out from the 3 peaks but 1/2 the distance and none of the climbs, oh dear

contingent: steve/alan/anthony/rob/bob

finally:     marysville is a great base for XC skiing!!

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