Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Team Time Trial 2011 Wrap

A great effort by one and all on the Team Time Trial. Huge commiserations to Lew on sustaining some nasty injuries after inspecting a roadside sandwich board at very close quarters. Hopefully he will be back on the bike very, very soon.

Chapeau to Anthony for carrying the team most of the way home, ably assisted by Stuart and Andrew. The rest of us of course made (very reasonable I thought!) cameo appearances at the front but those lads certainly did the lion's share of the work.

Happily we achieved our aim of holding the team together to the finish...sadly even without Lew. The cracks that just started to appear in the paceline as we approached the tunnel showed that we really had found the limit of what we could collectively sustain for over two hours.

After that there was the inevitable scramble down and up the tunnel (twice), but we were able to stay within a few seconds of each other. A great effort.

Thanks also to Jim for being Team Captain and doing all the necessary organising for a great event.

The above  picture is Bob's suggestion for our approach to next year's event. I think he's serious.

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