Saturday, July 23, 2011

TdF Final Stage

Some wise words from Adrian...

So, let's see if I've got this right. Andy does a great ride, but doesn't get yellow. Because Cadel for the first time in le Tour stamped himself all over it. I don't mean this year, I mean any year.Two years ago with a bunch that won't can't work he would have done the racing equivalent of pouting, shrugged and settled that it couldn't happen. Not last night. This time he didn't just bite the bullet he loaded a howitzer and shouldered arms and dragged everyone up with him. Close to two minutes he took back. If I were a Schleck I'd be anxious, yeah Andy stayed away but as it went on and up the gap was starting to tumble.

Meanwhile Tommy V, resplendent in yellow is riding true to character.Soft pedaling to then attack the breakaway (Flecha's damning about him not even pausing as he was hit by the car) each day playing the same game about how he will be dropped, hiding in the bunch. The team doing just enough before someone else takes over. Where's Hinault in all this? He needs to badger him out. Voeckler has spent all his time and energy simply wanting to stay in yellow each day, rather than actually trying to win the race. Maybe swap a turn, or sacrifice a team mate to claw back time from Andy, but no, follow the wheels. Accidental bloody yellow.

Tonight? Assume Frank will go for it, Voeckler will do even more to make sure he manages to ride around France without getting a suntan.But really, no bloody idea. But I reckon Cadel has shown he is the best and most consistent but Jesus, I hope he takes it up to Andy today because he must be buttered.

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